They say there are two types of runners, those who run to eat, and those who eat to run. For me, food is both fun and fuel – I love to eat and try new things, love experiencing new tastes just like I love to try out a new running route. So that is why I am the Eat and Run Mom – I like doing both.

I am often asked why I run. Depending on my mood, I might joke, “because I am an introvert and I have kids.” Or I might be more serious, “because of my gratitude that I still can.” When I decided to get back into it, it was to counteract the effects of medication I was taking. I stuck with it because I liked what it did for my mind as well as my body. It’s my me time, sanctuary, and source of vitamin D all at once.


I’m also an adoptive mom of two beautiful boys from Russia. I wrote a blog about our adoption process and how these amazing kids came to be a part of our family. I don’t blog about our life as an adoptive family anymore for two reasons. One – we are just a family now, and our story is not much different from most others out there. And also, my kids story is theirs to tell. Someday I hope they will tell it in their own words.

I’m also the wife of a rocket scientist (okay, aerospace engineer, but rocket scientist sounds more exciting). I’m a former Realtor and marketing communications minion who has traveled around the world, with a master’s degree in digital media and about 10 years of blogging experience in a variety of subjects, including real estate, international adoption and health and fitness.

I’m now a stay at home mom pouring all my type A tendencies into being a mom (poor babies!) and running.


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