Shoes and Apparel

For short runs and non-running workouts I wear the Merrell Women’s Pace Glove Shoe. I am experimenting with the barefoot style of shoe as a means of trying to address some form issues I have but don’t want to wear the Vibram Five Fingers because I am vain (to my mind, the VFF is the running version of Crocs). Merrell’s have the same Vibram sole but your toes can still stay snuggled up together.

I stopped using these when I was training for the half marathon in January. The barefoot running believers would tell you that not wearing these shoes may have contributed to my injury, given that I was using a support shoe to provide stability instead of properly training my own soft tissues. . I started having problems with my ankle

Over the years I have usually been a Brooks wearer. Never had trouble with them. I’m running in Asics now, and got injured but not sure I can blame the shoes. I’m probably going back to Brooks though.

For all running workouts I wear Capri tights or full length tights in winter. Any brand will do as long as there is a drawstring and they will stay up. Shorts and I don’t get along.

Hydration and Fuel

Powdered Gatorade – this is a product I appreciate as a runner and as a mom because is not like you get 24 hours notice of any upcoming vomiting episodes that are going to hit your household. In addition to helping hydrate during a long run, powdered Gatorade is just a good thing keep around to prevent dehydration that can be brought on by bouts of stomach flu. Or hangovers, so I’ve heard…

Bananas and peanut butter – great to refuel after a run. Or in the morning. Or as a late night snack. Or blended into a smoothie.

Emergen-C – fizzy vitamins you mix into water. Very refreshing and almost no calories. The only vitamin I can ever remember to take.



I am the worst about putting on makeup. I hate having my face gunked up with a lot of stuff, it never stays where I put it anyway, and I’m usually short on time. I have to have an idiot proof routine. Beauty balm (basically a foundation and sunscreen in one – provides more coverage than a tinted moisturizer) and lip gloss are pretty much it. Sometimes I do red lipstick, powder and a cat eye for special occasions.

Products I like include:

Dr. Bronners peppermint oil Castile soap. Great for getting clean and fresh after a workout but keep it away from eyes and lady parts.

Basic unscented facial bar soap.

Clinique BB balm – great coverage but beware this stuff makes you look like a vampire in pictures. Which is fine if that is what you are going for. It reflects a lot of light so it evens out the look of skin in person, but is a bit much in pics.

Olay BB balm – lighter coverage than the Clinique and cheaper too. Looks more natural in pictures.

Fresh Sugar Rose tinted lip treatment

Benefit Benetint liquid blush in Rosé tint.


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