Almond Meal and What to Do With It - When I posted the recipe for almond milk, I said to make sure not to throw away the almond meal. In this post, I am going to tell you what to do with it. What to Do With WET Almond Meal When you’re done making almond milk, you will be left with about 1 and […]
Almond Milk - Let me get something out of the way here. I like cows milk. I prefer it to most of the alternative milks out there, and I think as long as you aren’t actually lactose intolerant, buying organic milk is the way to go. It has protein, calcium, vitamin D – all good things. It is […]
Holy Guacamole! - In honor of Cinco de Mayo (or Cinco de Drinko, if you prefer), I thought I would share my famous recipe for guacamole. It is one of my favorite foods. It’s like Franks Red Hot – I put that shit stuff on everything. Note: I have kids so I do not, in fact, put Franks […]
Nutella Fruit Dip - Here’s a yummy, easy snack idea that’s pretty healthy, or at least as healthy as something that contains Nutella can be. It’s reasonably low in fat, with lots of protein. The fruit brings in vitamins and fiber. Great for sharing with kids. 1/2 cup non-fat plain Greek yogurt 1 heaping Tbsp Nutella Sliced fruit of […]
Open Face Egg Sandwich - The great Easter dilemma is upon us – what the heck do we do with all the hard boiled eggs after the Easter bunny has had his way with them? Myself, I would like to go with making a big ol’ batch of egg salad egg-cept (ha!) for the fact that no one else in […]
Healthy Asian Turkey Lettuce Wraps - These are about as Asian as my grandmother’s spaghetti is Italian, but they are equally as delicious and for the same reason – they both contain copious amounts of ketchup (which are, as we all know, a key ingredient in both Italian and Asian foods…right?). This is a popular recipe at our house, because our […]
Mini Brownie Egg Nests - I am all about last minute Easter preparations around here, mostly because Easter always seems to sneak up on me. We haven’t dyed eggs yet, nor have we even found the Easter baskets. Time is running out. But I loved this idea so much and it seemed simple enough, so I decided why not? If […]
Homemade Cranberry Sauce - I’m fighting a case of bronchitis, as it turns out, so for the last few days I’ve had to skip running. I tried to do a long run on Friday, but had to cut it short – that’s when I knew I was actually sick. Had to stop at 5 miles and all of them […]
Applesauce - The other day on my personal Facebook, I posted that I had made applesauce but wasn’t sure if I would post a recipe because it’s so easy, basically just 2 ingredients. I do have a few tricks for making it though, so I decided just to go with it. Like a kajillion other recipes, this […]
Peach Cranberry Pie - This is a pie I made to get rid of some frozen fruit I had in my freezer, and I sort of made it up as I went. I didn’t decide until I tasted the finished product that I would share it here, so I didn’t take a lot of pictures. When I was reading […]

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