The Heat is On!

Some great tips for running in warmer weather. I’m sure even here in Seattle we’ll need this information before long!

Eating with Emily

It’s that time again! Your winter treadmill runs are being replaced with outdoor running, tank-tops and shorts are making their way out of drawers, and the temperature is finally consistently above 50 degrees. These signs that we are well into spring and summer is right around the corner also remind us of how taxing exercising in the heat is on our bodies. Heat negatively affects not only our bodies but also our performance.  I’ll be addressing the major ways heat affects us and tips to help you easily segue into the warmer weather while still enjoying your runs and getting the most out of your workout.

Heat (above 69 degrees):sun run

1. Increases body temperature

2. Increases heart rate

3. Speeds up the loss of fluid and salt via perspiration

4. Decreases blood flow to the muscles and organs

5. Adds time to your mile (slows you down)

Allow your body…

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