I have to admit to not being big on New Years resolutions. Not that my life couldn’t do with plenty of improvement, just that I am not usually motivated by the calendar to do it preemptively. Usually something bad has to happen before I make needed changes.

But last year I did make one resolution in January that I managed to stick with – and that was to get in shape and start running again. So, on the heels of that success, I figured I would do it again for 2014. But I have a lot of stuff on my plate this year, so I need to have a lot of resolutions. 14, to be exact.

Here they are:

1) Finish my first half-marathon (the Rain Run at the end of the month).

2) Run one more race in February (have to figure out what this will be).

3) Get some skiing in (this resolution may require travel unless we get some dang snow in the mountains).

4) Be brave about my surgery so my kids won’t be afraid.

5) Have a good recovery, and follow doctors orders (not my usual MO, will probably require effort not to want to jump the gun as far as getting back to my normal routine).

6) Be the best mom I can be – keep the yelling to a minimum. This is a hard one but it’s worth working on since my kids really don’t respond to it very well anyway. The goal is to have them want to cooperate, not to frighten them into it.

7) Figure out my career situation by the end of the year. Back to real estate? Or something else? I am not certain that the unpredictability of real estate works for our family dynamic, so I need to get this figured out.

8) Get back to running (even if slow and not very far) by June. Supposedly I can start doing light workouts again (not running, lifting or twisting) after a couple of weeks so I feel this should be doable.

9) Finish another half marathon between September 1 and December 31, 2014.

10) Lose 8 pounds.

11) Run a 5k in under 27 minutes.

12) Run a 10k in under 54 minutes.

13) Get Christmas cards out before Christmas rather than after New Years.

14) Read more books.


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