Watch the Heat – Especially Over 40 Crowd

We’re set for an 80 degree day here in Seattle. That’s about 30 degrees warmer than we are used to, so all you runners be careful out there! Get your run in early, or follow these tips to get your run in safely. According to the study cited in this blog, older (over 40) runners need to be especially careful since our bodies don’t cool themselves as efficiently as they once did.

fat man lean man

Sweat is Good When it is Hot!

For my Stateside friends it is May and everything is starting to warm up. Time to shake off the winter rust and get ready for warmer temperatures. This is especially important if you are over 40, like me. Why over 40? Because us old folks don’t handle heat as well as the younger crowd.

We’ve long known the elderly don’t handle heat well – just think of all the seniors who suffer and sometimes die during heatwaves each year – but recent research shows that our ability to handle heat decreases as early as 40-45 years. The most recent, a Canadian Study, evaluated 85 males ranging from 20-70 years, who were tested on their reaction to physical exercise in elevated temperatures.

The test subjects were placed in a room regulated to 35deg Celsius (about 95 deg Fahrenheit) and 20% relative humidity. They…

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