Evaluate me! Rank me!

Lisa Simpson: Look at me! Grade me! Evaluate and rank me! I’m good, good, good and oh so smart!

We’re winning awards over here at the Eat and Run Mom!

At my PT appointment on Wednesday, I got a Gold Star award for my performance in the race last week. I am just the kind of geek that is totally motivated by this sort of thing so even though I tried to play it cool I was actually excited about it.

Of course, I do have to laugh about it a little bit because of the details about this award. I got it for placing 3rd in my age group at the race on Saturday. Which sounds great until I tell you that I did that running a 10 minute mile pace. So, I think it says more about the age group’s competitiveness/lack thereof than it does about my actual performance.

But still – an award!

My husband (who, in addition to an aerospace science degree somehow found time in college to memorize every episode of the Simpsons and still quotes from them to this day) laughs at me about this kind of thing. I am what my grandfather called a “springbutt” – you know, the kind of kid who in school thought they had all the answers (and usually DID, thank you very much) and so their hand was constantly in the air. You know the ones.

Anyway, the title of this post is a Lisa Simpson quote, which was my husband’s response when I told him about this award.



There are other awards too – equally major! I’ll be blogging about them in a future post, so stay tuned!


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