I’m still in a holding pattern with the running. I’d like to get back to it but the way it’s looking, it will probably be a while until I can. I have an appointment with an orthopedist next week on the 17th when we will go over the MRI in detail and hopefully formulate some sort of plan as to how I can start running again.

Whatever the case, I would not expect to be able to do a lot of mileage between now and the end of 2014. It will take time for it to strengthen and recover. Even just walking around sometimes gets painful at the end of the day, and this has been going on for several months now, so I can’t imagine how it’s going to be able to stand up to any kind of distance running any time soon.

So I am adjusting my goals a bit. Since swimming seems to be going much more…ahem…swimmingly than I remember, I am thinking I will look into possibly doing some sprint triathlons this Fall.

I did a couple of sprint tris many years ago and the swimming is always what held me back from doing it again, because I hated it. I am not hating it anymore (though I’ve yet to test this lack of hatred in open water) so I think that is God’s way of telling me that maybe this is what I should focus on for now. I have to focus on something otherwise I will get bored, and possibly fall off the exercise wagon completely.

My thought process is that as long as the running is between 5 and 10k, I could probably do that with minimal run training. I can swim and bike as much as I like and it never seems to hurt, I just need to hold off on running or load bearing exercise until the tendonitis goes completely away. I think that was my mistake previously – I just waited until the pain was “manageable” rather than actually gone.

Races I might consider doing in the fall include:

Whidbey Island Triathlon – Aug. 16
This is a hilly course with the longest bike course and a longer (1/2 mile) swim. The only attraction is really the proximity and even that isn’t so attractive since it involves a ferry ride. But I would consider it if I could be running by that time.

Lake Sammamish Sprint – Aug. 23
This race has the shortest swim (1/4 mile) of any of the races I would consider, and the flattest overall course. Probably the one I am most interested in doing.

Lake Stevens – Sept. 6
This race offers an option of a sprint or Olympic distance triathlon. Probably would be looking at doing the sprint since I am not sure I’d be up for a 1 mile swim! Has a 1/4 mile swim and only a 10 mile bike, plus is very close to home.

Kirkland Triathlon – Sept. 21
This race has a sprint (1/2 mile swim, 13 mile bike, 3.1 run) and an “Aquabike” option,which is just the swim and the bike. Kind of a long swim and I know the bike would be hilly but a definite possibility.

I would probably only do one or two of these and the more likely scenario would be that it would be a later race since I can’t run at all right now. Because of the Aquabike option, the Kirkland option is probably the most likely since I could sign put to do the tri and switch categories if I had to.

But we’ll just have to see how things go.

Have you ever done a triathlon? Did you like it?


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